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Within the property realm, a subdivision can be quite a confusing process. Subdivision can be defined as the division of one lot into two or more lots – and/or the amalgamation of several lots into one.

The subdivision process is lengthy and involves a number of complex steps. Read below for a guide of the components and expectations of those submitting a subdivision application.

The Subdivision Process

In Western Australia, initially, the owner of the land or a selected licensed land surveyor must submit a subdivision application to the Western Australian Planning Commission for consideration. Once the WAPC makes their recommendations, conditions will be added to the application before it is returned to the land owner.

The WAPC’s conditions will then need to be taken into consideration by the owner – and usually, various types of works, maintenance or otherwise, will be carried out on the property. Once completed, a subdivision clearance application will need to be submitted to all relevant government agencies and utility providers.

Once the agencies and providers have approved the application, the applicant is required to submit the clearance back to the WAPC for final approval. From there, your land may be subdivided according to the conditions agreed upon by all parties involved in the subdivision process. You will, finally, receive a clearance letter along with a stamped and signed plan of survey for you to make future developments.

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